Shanquella Robinson: U.S. Will Not Bring Charges In Murder

Charlotte, North Carolina women Shanquella Robinson was killed while on vacation in Mexico October 2022. United States prosecutors in the United States will not bring charges in her death. U.S. Attorney's office made the announcement today Wednesday (March 12).

The statement released by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the western district of North Carolina read, " The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Ms. Robinson has been a priority for federal prosecutors and the FBI."......."As in every case under consideration for federal prosecution, the government must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a federal crime was committed...Based on the results of the autopsy and after a careful deliberation and review of the investigative materials by both U.S. Attorneys' Offices.

Robinson's family was notified today that the available evidence does not support a federal prosecution. The family's attorney also shared the the U.S. post mortem exam was conducted after Robinson's body had been embalmed and transported back to America. The exam results were Robinson's cause of death "undetermined."

As I have been keeping you updated since the recorded beating of Shanquella went viral last October. The 25 year-old left the United States with six friends, who originally had conflicting stories. Mexican prosecutors opened an investigation into Robinson's death. The death certificate listed a spinal and neck injury as the cause of death.

Mexican authorities released a statement, prosecutors in Baja California Sur said they were seeking to extradite a women from the U.S. back to Mexico in connection with the alleged murder.

The family's lawyer's have expressed a civil suit could be possible in the near future as they are covering all options for Justice for Shanquella Robinson.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: CBS News YouTube

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