Meek Mill Gives A Second Chance

Meek Mill is working to help former incarcerated inmates to get a second chance. President Biden officially made April "Second Chance Month" in March 2023. "Second Chance Month" is to recognize the benefits, and moral imperative, of helping people with an arrest or conviction record reintegrate back in the community.

President Biden wrote, "I believe in redemption". President Biden called on government, educators, volunteers, and all Americans to observe "Second Chance Month with celebrations, programs, and activities.

This past Saturday on April 8, Meek Mill took action recognizing, "Second Chance Month". Meek and his non-profit organization REFORM Alliance kicked off celebrations by hosting a community day in his hometown.

Meek Mill's REFORM Community Day consisted of expungement services, mental health, housing assistance, employment opportunities. The event also had bounce houses, food, music, giveaways and was free to the community to encourage individuals to come out and support "Second Chance Month".

Reforming probation and parole is the core of REFORM Alliance. There are more events scheduled by REFORM Alliance to continue to promote awareness and assist second chancers. Check out what's going on in your local area.

Photo: Getty Images

Video:6ABC YouTube

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