Mass Shooting At Yo Gotti's Memphis Restaurant

Mass shooting went down Wednesday night (March 29th) shortly after closing at a Memphis TN restaurant. Yo Gotti is the owner of the popular Memphis restaurant. Prive has been in business for 10 years. The area is considered to be usually quite.

The restaurant has been described by patrons as a family, friendly, Sunday brunch type of vibe. Police were called to the restaurant around 11:30 pm. There was a confrontation inside the restaurant that continued outside in the parking lot.

Reports document that one man was found dead in the parking lot while another passed away at the hospital. Bullets stuke four other men and one female. The condition of the individuals has not been reported yet. All five of the victims were taken to the hospital in private cars.

Though Yo Gotti is the owner of the up scale restaurant a source close to him reported Gotti was not at the restaurant at the time of the shooting.

The police investigation is still in the early stages with none of the assailants in custody. The last time the area was swarmed with heavy police presence was after the shooting of Young Dolph two years ago. Prive was closed temporarily in fear of retaliation following Young Dolph's murder 10 miles away.

No official statements have been released from Yo Gotti's team. As the investigation develops updates will be provided here.

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