Diddy & Kids Will Star In Hulu Reality Tv Series

Rumors have been flying that there is a new reality tv series on the way with the Combs family. Diddy and his seven children have been spotted filming in Miami and Los Angeles.

Page Six reported, the Combs family will be giving an intimate look inside their everyday lives. All of the kids are entrepreneurs and or involved in the entertainment. The teen twin, Jessie and D'Lila have been ripping the runway staying booked. The youngest of the Diddy clan is infant Love, who was born this year.

Looks like Hulu has been stocking up on reality tv series. The Kardashians have moved to Hulu after being on-air since 2001. They are on their 20th season.

Diddy and kids will be available for you to stream soon.

Photo: Getty Images

Video:Stars News YouTube

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