Latto's Loaded Gun Charges Are Close To Being Dropped

Latto was arrested in May of 2021 after being caught with a loaded firearm at the LAX Airport. Latto's get out of jail free card came with requirements that must be met to clear her of the charges.

Latto entered a diversion program lasting a year long. She started the program in April of 2022. In the program Latto learned proper gun safety, and had to perform 120 hours of community service, and she must avoid firearms.

Latto's next court appearance is scheduled for April.

The talented rapper and singer jumped on Mello Buckzz Boom, Pt and dropped a few lines explaining the situation.

"I got locked up in the airport, go------ I forgot the gun," she rapped.

Photo: Getty Images

Video:Mello Buckzz

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