NLE Choppa and Ice Spice Texting

NLE Choppa crushes on Ice Spice heavy. He set down with Jason Lee for an interview and the "In Ha Mood" rapper name came up and NLE Choppa was ready to share.

Choppa has had a crush on Spice for a minute. The two have been texting , discussing music. Choppa even named one of his new tracks "Ice Spice". Spice's response was, "play it cool."

NLE Choppa told, Jason that the phone number changed for Ice so he just watches from a distance now.

Ice Spice started turning heads in 2021 with her Tik Tok hits. She continued to do so with "Munch" (You Thought I was feelin you?) exploded turning heads all over the music industry. Ice is no one hit wonder, with follow joints like, "In Ha Mood", and "Bikini Bottom". Ice has been staying busy with new projects on the way with collaborations with Nicki Minaj.

Ice Spice music is primarily Brox drill and she is showing no signs of slowing down.

Photo: Getty Images

Video; Revolt YouTube

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