South Beach Is In A State Of Emergency

Spring break for some of the United States started as early as the end of February. With Spring breakers and businesses looking forward to almost a month long celebration of "being outside" it has come to a halt on South Beach in Miami, Fl.

There has been 2 deadly shootings and a laundry list of malice behavior exhibited by rowdy crowds on the Beach. With police barricades on every other street to better control traffic and protect walking parties there has been a call to action by the mayor requesting stricter enforcement. Officially The City of Miami Beach issued a curfew starting at 11:59pm until 6am.

A man died on Friday night, and another injured. On Sunday morning around 3:20am another deadly shooting occurred. The curfew is set for alcohol sales to end by 6pm and business to close at 11:59 pm. The area includes where most flock to for entertainment in the city, listing Ocean Drive, Atlantic and other party areas.

Hotels are allowed to operate past midnight, to only service guest. The order will not affect emergency services. Miami Beach Mayor Don Gelber said, the police have collected at least 70 guns.

Miami Beach City manager plans to apply additional restrictions from March 23 through March 27.

Check out South Beach Spring Break footage below.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: WKYC Channel 3 YouTube

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