Chris Brown Responds To Being Accused of Beating A Woman In Tulum

While on vacation in Tulum a woman accuses Chris Brown of physically abusing his girlfriend and mother of his child.

The friend of Ammika claims she saw Chris Breezy in action. The women made the public aware of the situation by posting on her instagram what she witnessed.

“Man I do not care what nobody says Chris Brown is a woman beater,” the woman wrote. “When I vacation with them in Tulum he beat ammika’s rib cages in to the point where she had to call in a doctor to make sure nothing was broken.” reported by Source.

The woman did not elaborate on the results from the doctor. She did continue speaking on the alleged beating by sharing DM messages between her and Brown.

Chris responded with one liners batting down the abuse. He wrote, " U must be broke looking for attention." The female didn't let up in the text responses, telling Chris he was wrong. Chris responded again, whatever u say shawty."

Read the DMs below.

Photo: Getty Images

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