Young Thug Wants To Block Video Threatening Lil Wayne and Expose Informant

Jeffery Williams, known by his stage name Young Thug has been awaiting trial since his arrest in May 2022. Young Thug is fighting to redact a video of him threatening Lil Wayne along with seeking information on cooperating witness.

Prosecution is looking to use the video as evidence to show Young Thug's leadership in the street gang in question, YSL. In the video Thug teases the release of Carter VI. He also called out Holly Grove and Lil Wayne to pull up. The short clip was recorded in April of 2015.

The beef between the two rappers started during Lil Wayne's split from Cash Money Records. Lil Wayne made it know to the world that he was done with Birdman and he apologized for the 4 year gap in releasing a new album. At the same time Thug was coming up in the rap game and viewed Lil Wayne as idol, as he shared in earlier interviews. Originally Young Thug was allegedly attempting to pay homage to the New Orleans Rapper. It quickly went left as thing continued to heat up between Lil Wayne and Birdman. Young Thug signed to Birdman and moved forward in his rap career.

Thug expressed his feeling towards Lil Wayne by calling him "spoiled" down playing him having any issues with Lil Wayne.

Prosecutors are arguing the video was essential in the conviction of Jimmy Winfrey, known as Peewee Roscoe. In 2015 Peewee was plead guilty to shooting at Lil Wayne's tour bus. Peewee Roscoe was Young Thug's former manager.

Peewee's conviction was tainted by the presiding judge. The Georgia court found that the Cobb County judge overstepped her boundaries. She communicated with Winfrey that he'd receive a longer sentence if the plea deal passed.

“This opportunity is going away,” she said. “Go to trial and you get convicted there’s not going to be any of me being concerned about when you parole out,” the judge said. “Whatever they say you’re guilty of I’m going to sentence you, and I’m not going to worry about when you get out of jail because it’s not my concern.” Reported by Yahoo News.

Young Thug's legal team is also requesting information on a listed informant, K.C. K.C supposedly has been working with authorities since April of 2015. Defense believes K.C's background and criminal history is important.

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Video: Ynnuhp1 and 11Alive YouTube

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