NBA Youngboy and Lil Durk's Ex Beef On Twitter

NBA Youngboy and Lil Durk has been feuding for a minute now. Recently NBA couldn't resist allegedly commenting on the relationship between Lil Durk and India Royale.

India Royale was not for the games disrespecting her ex on social media. She addressed NBA with subliminal shots, "Don't speak on me b#tch. I let you slide the first time,"...That's still my BD. Ion play about him. Y'all can chill F," she wrote. Her follow up tweets were direct so fans no longer had to piece together her who India's rant was about.

NBA Youngboy's instagram post from a non-verified account Akademiks said belong to YB, " Right Foot Creep" reaching out ot Durk smerkish. "LOL damn I know how it be when that h@e turn to a demon; with laughing imoji.

India wasn't backing down with gloves off clarified who she was writing about. Letting the fans know she's a real Chicago b@tch. India didn't let up, pressing all gas screenshotting a pic of YB on Apple Music for those who were confused by her "Dent Head" comments. India and NBA Youngboy online battle originally started after the Baton Rouge rapper mocked India's split from Lil Durk, the father of her child. She announced the breakup on Twitter writing, "I'm a free agent."

Check out the social media browl below.

Photo: Getty Images

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