Melle Mel Disses New Rap Culture

"Yesterday's music is better than today's music", says pioneer MC Melle Mel. The Furious Five rapper isn't backing down from recent comments made about the current state of rap. Melle wants all the smoke as TMZ cought up with him to get clarity on his remarks.

Melle Made sure to clarify he still feels he is a better rapper than Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem. Melle blames the music industry for the for pushing negative content that's polluting everyone's ability to to know what good music sounds like. He feels that today's rappers are a bunch of street guys with a message.

Melle Mel referred to his group's iconic hits like "The Message" and "White Lines". "The Message", spoke out against guns and drugs which are now glorified in hip-hop lyrics today.

While being roasted all last week by fans he did receive support from Busta Rhymes, and Public Enemy. Like his comments or not Melle plans on making a come with music he can stand behind to show and prove himself. He also shared he'll soon have podcasting on his resume as well, with his on spot for; "Mell Mel's Hip Hop Corner."

Photo:Getty Images

Video: TMZ YouTube

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