Finesse2Tymes Flosses Diamond Handcuff Bracelets

Born Rickey Hampton, Finess2Tymes has his share of jail of jail time. The 30 year old Memphis rapper is the latest signee under Moneyybag Yo's label, Bread Gang. He visited The Breakfast Club today (Friday March 10) sharing with the popular host his childhood in Memphis.

Finess2Tymes spent 15 years in prison. Tried as an adult at the age of 14 years old once released he worked on what he could do to never go back to prison again. Finesse spoke on his journey in the prison system. Before now he has never been out of jail longer than 8 months.

Connecting the dots with the blinged out diamond handcuffs, Finess2Tymes shared his story traveling in chains and shackles for over 20 hours. By the time the rapper reached the prison he was being transferred to his wrist was in excruciating pain with no sleep. To never forget where he came from and the obstacles he's overcome he sought out a talented jeweler to create the diamond bracelets.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: Breakfast Club YouTube

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