Donald Glover Speaks On Chevy Chase Using N-Word

Donald Glover was an award presenter on Sunday at the Writers Guild Awards. His comments while presenting executive producer Paul Simmons with an honorary award have made some fans confused.

Glover mentioned Chevy Chase's alleged use of the N-word while on set of Community. He was tying in the the award he was actually presenting with whom is was named after, Herb Sargent, who co-created the Weekend Update with Chase.

He mentions, " Chevy Chase once called one of the funniest writers working in television....Chevy once called me---you know what, this is about Paul."

Donald also jokingly mentioned Lena Dunham in is comments. Reminiscing on his short stint on the HBO series Girls. Which was co-executive produced by Paul Simms. He had been on set for over eight hours doing a sex scene. He seen Lena and asked her why she decided to work with Simms and she replied back, "Honestly, this n-- let me do whatever I want to do." His response in his head was, "Who does she think she is Chevy Chase?"

Lena's team has since released a statement to the Los Angeles Times, saying that Glover's remarks about Lena were a joke and denying she ever use the N-word.

Photo: Getty Images
Video: Wochit Entertainment YouTube

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