Chris Rock's Netflix Special Receives Backlash

People have been anticipating Chris Rock's reaction to Will Smith's famous slap to his face at last year's Oscars for almost a year down to the last hour. Chris's Neflix Special was the chosen platform for Rock to express himself on the situation.

Chris Rock hosted his special "Selective Outrage" live Saturday night. It seemed like comedy revenge. Towards the end of Rock's set he mentioned the Will Smith and the movie "Emancipation" by messing up the name first before correcting himself. Chris Express he used to love Will Smith in movies. Now after the slap he only watched Emancipation to see Will Smith get beat.

Chris continued by speaking on everyone else before the Oscars slap called Will Smith out of his name, but Chris was the only one he felt the need to slap during live tv on national programing.

Chris also prepared a segment to discuss Megan Markle and referred to R. Kelly's situation being similar to Michael Jackson's. Check out clips from "Selective Outrage" below.

Chris has received mixed reviews on his new content. A source close to the 58 years comedian shared that Rock is flying high and not worried about backlash.

Photo: Getty Images

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