Wack 100 Calls Out Lil Durk's Clubhouse Comments Saying, Aimed At 21 Savage

Lil Durk and 21 Savage have recently collaborated on Dj Khaled's God Did on "Keep Going". Regardless of the hot track over the weekend Wack 100 expressed his thoughts on Lil Durk's movement on Clubhouse. The outspoken music executive thinks that Lil Durk is shooting shots at 21 Savage.

Wack 100 told Dj Akademiks that Lil Durk's "Clubhouse gangsters" if it was a diss it was aimed at 21 Savage.

“He might have been talkin about 21 Savage,” he expressed. “Look bro, I done been out on bail and on bond fighting cases — that is the most humbling time for any n***a. Savage n***a, street n***a, whatever you wanna call yourself. When you catch that case and you fighting that case, you humble yourself and you get low, right? But when a motherf***er feel like he got that Get Out of Jail Free card ’cause some funny s**t going on and you go on Clubhouse as a reset and say, ‘N***a what? Every time we hit your block, we kill three, four of you n***as’?” Reported HotNewHipHop.com

Lil Durk nor 21 Savage have responded to Wack 100's running down the situation between the two rappers.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: Dj Akademiks YouTube

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