Angela Yee Responds To Dj Envy Calling "Cap" On Her Comments

Angela Yee recently appeared on The Tamron Hall Show, where she shared her experiences on The Breakfast Club as the only female. Dj Envy flew to instagram calling out his former co-host, Angela Yee over her comments on Tamron Hall. Yee mentioned being the "only woman" working on The Breakfast Club and a few of the challenges she faced while apart of the show.

"I was the only woman who worked there too, I mean when it came to producers, camera people—and it wasn’t an easy room for me to be in,” said the Radio Hall of Famer.

Dj Envy batted down Yee's statements posting under the Shade Rooms' comments, "just not true". Envy went on to denounce Yee's comments going hard on calling out all the different females that work behind the scenes on the show.

"It was her, Charlamagne and myself, so she was the only woman on air," Envy explained. "But behind the scenes, I mean, our boss...the actual person that pays our bills and pays our checks and hires us is Thea Mitchem, who's a woman. I think she misspoke, I think the words were taken out of I guess technicality. I'm sure she would clean it up, but there's a lot of women who work on that show."

Angela has state more than once she'd rather be hated than a hater. Clarifying her conversation with Tamron Hall on Way Up With Angela Yee. Yee took the time in her "Yee Tea" segment to address Dj Envy. She started her comments with acknowledging all the women that work on The Breakfast Club show. Yee moved forward with explaining the difference from being in the studio, where the recording of the show takes place. In the studio Yee was the only female on-air personality. Her work responsibilities required her to be inside the studio where as the other females may work in other areas in the building.

Check out Angela addressing Dj Envy Below.

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Video: Way up With Angela Yee YouTube

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