OTF Rapper Doodie Lo Wins Lawsuit & EX-GF Arrested

Doodie Lo's name was cleared in Broward County, Fl court on yesterday (February 28) after Brittney Elder, known as Bae accused the rapper of sexually assaulting her five- year-old son.

The OTF rapper has reportedly been awarded $11 million after winning his defamation suit against his ex-girlfriend. Brittney has been arrested for perjury. He told The Shade Room, he was seeking a maximum of $30 million and considers the verdict a victory for men everywhere falsely accused.

“My ultimate goal is to spread awareness to those innocent of false accusations, especially innocent men who have been accused of sexual assault,” he said. “This issue further highlights the dark side of #MeToo: what happens when men are falsely accused?” Reported by HipHopDX.

FTN Bae shared a video in October of an audio clip on Instagram of her son telling her about an alleged interaction while crying. She claimed his injuries were so severe she had to put him back in diapers due to him being unable to control his bowels from the trama.

Doodie responded to the horrific allegations by sharing a video of Bae coaching her son. Doodie expressed that Bae was making it all up because she was mad he did no longer wanted to be i a relationship with her.

In January of 2022 Bae made a public apology on the internet to Doodie Lo. He passed a lie detector test. She claimed in the video she was never trying to ruin his career or gain clout from the situation. Shortly after, Bae back tracked the release of the video and claimed she was manipulated to post.

FTN Bae has been arrested by the Broward County Police Department so they may investigate her false allegations against Doodie Lo.

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