Judge Denies YSL Mistrial

Judge Glanville orders an investigation after the leaked interrogation video of Lil Woody was posted online. The YSL affiliated rapper is on camera revealing sensitive information cooperating with the authorities. The interrogation footage was over 3 hours long. Woody confessed there was a murder plot going to happen the same night he was speaking with investigators.

Shortly after the Lil Woody "Snitching" video the attorney for Jayden Myrick, Gina Bernard motioned the court for a mistrial. Myrick's lawyer argued his sixth amendment rights were violated.

In response to attorney Bernard the Fulton County prosecutors accused the defense of leaking the video. They argued the video was posted online less than a month after being turned over as discovery. "The state has absolutely no interest in leaking this video to members of the public, as its dissemination serves only to intimidate and harass witnesses called upon by the state to testify in a very serious and high-profile case," prosecutors wrote in their response.

Judge Glanville doesn't know how the interrogation interview footage was released. Though the defense expressed the danger their client is now in because of being labeled a "snitch" and a "rat" following the leak the judge still denied mistrial motion, saying, For me to have to deal with this at this point in the trial is unacceptable. He then encouraged both legal teams to be more cautious when sharing information.

Glanville also warned attorneys that if more evidence is leaked, her will restrict them to only reviewing discovery in his chambers. Prosecutors mentioned if leaks continue, they would request that certain material only be made available inside the DA's office on the third floor of the courthouse.

Attorney Suri Jimenez, who is Cordarius Dorsey's lawyer stressed the video could have been obtained and leaked by anyone because prosecutors have been sharing evidence through an unsecured Dropbox link.

There is still no jury seated for trial to begin.

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Video: 11Alive on YouTube and Fox5 Atlanta

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