Young Thug's Sister Says He'll Be Home Soon

Young Thug's sister claims he'll be home soon. Young Thug has been detained in the Fulton County jail since May 2022. Thug is still waiting on the trial to officially begin. The jury selection is predicted to take a couple months with the trial scheduled to last months. Judge Ural Glanville has summoned over 600 potential jurors.

Though the YSL Rico trial has taken a life of it's own Young Thug sister, Dolly White has continued to show support for her "twin". Dolly was active on instagram letting fans know she talked to Young Thug.

"I talked to my twin Jeff...I told him I was lonely out here without him". He said, "you supposed to be. I'll be home in a minute" I miss tf out of him. Cause dez B@tches and N--ggas gon come & gone go SO WE CAN KNO HOW TO DEAL WIT YALL."

Photo: Getty Images

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