Kay Flock Indicted On Rico Charges & Murder

Bronx Drill rapper Kay Flock and five others indicted by the federal government on racketeering and conspiracy charges. The group of men are accused of organizing the Sev Side/DOA gang. The Fed's claim the gang's primary purpose was to commit robberies, acts of violence and financial fraud. Reeking havoc in the Belmont section of The Bronx.

They also face multiple counts of attempted murder and illegal gun possession. Kay Flock is being charged separately for his involvement in the alleged murder of Oscar Hernandez in 2021. Oscar Hernandez also known as OY Wasca or Honcho, in Harlem.

According to police reports, Kay Flock was in Harlem walking down the street when he crossed paths with Hernandez outside of a barbershop. Hernandez was waiting on a haircut when Floc allegedly ask Hernandez what he was looking at. The two men exchanged words. Then shots were fired. Hernandez was hit in the neck.


Born Kevin Perez, "Kay Flock" he rose to fame by releasing singles like; " Is Ya Ready", " Being Honest" and "Changes".

Once Flock was identified as the main suspect by law enforcement he turned himself in to the NYPD. He's currently facing first-degree murder charges, racketeering and conspiracy. Flock's lawyer, Scott Leemon shocked the case with arguing Kay Flock was not the shooter. There were cameras in the area of the crime showing different angles of the situation.

Kay Flock is awaiting trial being held on Rikers Island.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: Akademiks YouTube

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