Jess Hilarious Claims Mater P Owes Her $15K

Master P has made headlines again concerning money. Recently Master P was in an internet war with his son Romeo Miller over alleged nonpayment; issues concerning money. Add comedian Jess Hilarious to the list of people claiming Master P is still holding out on the tab with them.

Jess Hilarious is the guest co-host "The Breakfast Club" morning show today. In conversation she casually mentions he working with Master P on "I Got The Hook Up 2". Jess says she was never paid for the skit. Earlier this month Fat Trel aired out the same grievances with Mast P and nonpayment. Jess says she believes Trel claims, stating "P will talk a good game to you....I'm still owed some bread for that."

Jess Hilarious says she did two scenes. Master P only ended up using 1 but, she stayed and completed the work. At that time Jess was charging $15k per skit. Charlemagne jokingly asked, "Did P know he was paying for both?" Immediately Jess responded " Yes he knew."

Jess candidly mentions she hit Romeo, Master P nothing and laughed the conversation off. The superstar comedian states at the end of the day it hasn't been seven years yet so she can still talk about it until she get her check.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: Power 105.1 YouTube

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