Blueface Calls Out Lil Baby Over Chrisean Rock

Blueface has been calling out rappers since Super Bowl LVII over girlfriend Chrisean Rock. Earlier this month Blueface called out Chrisean for a photo she took with Rick Ross. Blue could not resist throwing the Super Bowl picture up in Chrisean face by posting to Twitter with a snappy caption he wrote,

"Could never be my b__ch,"..."But I get it you knew to this sh-t fr so that Typa sh#t excites you it's really none wrong with it I'm just a different type n-gga wit my b__ch. That's y I told you long time ago you really don't want that spot."

Over the weekend Blueface issued out threats pointing at Lil Baby for being in his girl's face. It didn't sit well with Blue that Chrisean was talking to Lil Baby. On instagram live Blue confronts Chrisean about her and Lil Baby talking in the club. Blue let Chrisean know he thinks she lets "too many rap n_ggas" be in her face.

Blue went on a mini rant critiquing the interaction between Lil Baby and Chrisean. Chrisean attempted to let Blue it was nothing bu "Big Brother" type of vibes. She told Blue that Lil Baby told her, she "had potential". Blue responded by saying, "Potential for what? To want to f_ck him?"

Chrisean was attempting to let Blue know it was all on some "empowerment" positive vibes. Blue was not feeling none of it. He continued his rant with anybody in Chrisean face might as well be in his face. The Thotiana rapper threaten to release text messages and advise the Atlanta rapper that anybody talking to Chris is like talking to him.

Check out the tweets Blue shot out over the weekend, along with Twitter users clapping back below.

Blue claims that he is protecting Chrisean from the industry. He knows how it can be. He doesn't care if it makes him looks foolish; he is protecting his investment.

What are your thoughts on the Blueface "protecting" Chrisean from the industry. Check in with your comments.

Photo: Getty Images

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