Rihanna Covers Vogue & Possibility of New Music

Super Bowl Halftime show by Rihanna still have many fans talking weather good or bad. The bad girl is giving the world something else to talk about. Rihanna and her baby boy have made the British Vogue Magazine cover along with A$AP Rocky.

The megastars appeared for the Vogue interviewer at 3:26am in the middle of the night. Holding true rockstar hours.

Rihanna spoke on motherhood and Super Bowl Halftime show. Rihanna describes her relationship with Rocky as " Bestfriends with a baby". In 2021 A$AP shared with GQ Magazine that Rihanna "is the love of his life". The couple have pretty much been on the same page while enjoying love, friendship, and growing their family.

Yes Ri still has us talking about her Super Bowl "concert" since she has not been on stage in seven years. The Vogue cover is something to pleasing to the fans and all love it but the vibrations sent out from Rihanna is that sadly there won't be any new music on the way. RiRi mentions that any new music would be "weird" and that her family of listeners may not expect the sound to be her.

I posted on my instagram stories Super Bowl night, " No New Music Coming"; I knew it! We'll have to reflect on her latest live performance until new music hits.

Photo:Getty Images

Video: NFL YouTube

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