J. Prince Claps Back At His "Haters"

Recently Rap-A-Lot CEO, J. Prince has been in internet beef with Offset and Wack 100. The smoke is getting a little thick following the interview J. Prince and family did visiting Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast. The J. Prince has been trying to clear the family name following the death of Offset.

Since the Million Dollaz Worth of game interview Offset and his wife Cardi B stepped in with comments as things get a bit messy. Including Wack 100 calling J. Prince out for taking street business to the web.

Wack 100 claims J. Prince is letting law enforcement know that Offset may have a problem with them. Wack said, " He aint do nothing right." He also has stated a mutual friend they he has known since childhood ask him to "chill out" and he is going to do just that as long as the terms are met.

J. Prince feels that all of his "haters" are teaming up against him. He pointed out that the people that don't like him don't like each other. The only common denominator is the "haters" disdain for him.

Many are weighing in on the beef between all three men at this point. With mixed reviews most lovers of the culture can not believe the vary men that are leaders and usually their roles are encouraging black men are the ones themself caught up in drama.

Is there a right or wrong in this situation. What are your thoughts on the situation?

Photo: Getty Images

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