Big Meech Blast Tariq: Ghost vs BMF

Lil Meech of BMF and Power's Tariq, Michael Rainey Jr. have been throwing blows at each other. Both of the actors posted about their respective shows and how well each is doing.

The battle between the two men resumed following 50 Cents post praising Michael. Lil Meech jumped in reposting 50's post with caption "I'm working on being immortal."

Michael Rainey didn't waste time to clap back with calling Lil Meech a "beginner" while calling BMF "Dead". Meech responded by reminding Rainey that he has been acting since a child and he's only been acting for 3 years.

Lil Meech shared a phone conversation with Big Meech critiquing the Power. Specifically Tariqu's skills as a hustler. Check it out below.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: MarcDarkTV YouTube

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