Bandman Kevon Wants $250K Refund From Gunna For Feature

Bandman Kevon is a multi talented rapper, who is known by his fans for being more than a rapper. He's a social media influencer, entrepreneur,poet and music producer. Bandman is known for writing his own lyrics. With multiple sources of income Bandman's net worth is close to $3-4 million. His net worth does not matter because he is looking for a refund from Gunna.

Bandman paid $250 thousand for a Gunna to do a feature. Bandman expressed that Gunna got caught up in a case causing him to be put on pause for a year. Only for Gunna to turn around to be released from jail early stemming from him cooperating with authorities. Gunna was released early from jail while co-defants are still behind bars like Young Thug and others that were named by prosecutors in RICCO Indictment. With the way Gunna's release played out many are calling him a "snitch".

Bandman insinuates he can't do a song with "dude" for snitching.

Bandman Kevon wants his bread back and wants all the smoke!

Photo: Getty Images

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