J Prince Denies Making People "Check In"

J. Prince recently did an interview with Million Dollaz Worth of Game. The season music executive is known by everyone i the music business. Especially when it comes to conducting business in Houston, Tx. He is known to rappers as the go to guy for connects.

While speaking with Gillie Da king Prince denied the claims of making people "check in". Prince stated, thats suck sh^t snd basicly he and his team do not have time for that.

"A lot of people from the different police departments to all these different people wanna insinuate like we extorting people and they have to check in.".... "Check-in for what?"

Prince let is be known he makes to much money for having people check-in. It wouldn't work because real dudes won't go for it. He also mentioned being a friend helps out.

The topic of the bowling alley where Offset was shot and murdered came up. Prince spoke voiced his opinion on the current situation. There has been conversation between Prince and Quality Control co-founder Pierre Thomas. The family, friends, the culture are still grieving Offset. Quavo Offsets' uncle honored Offset with a tribute "Without You" at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

J. Princes comments on Quavo and Offsets relationship including Takeoff has fans looking at Prince with the side eye. The Rap-A-Lot CEO insinuated that Offset was not there for his bandmates and cousin Takeoff before he was murdered.

At the end of the interview Prince mentioned that nothing had changed with the love he has for Migos member Quavo but Offset was a different situation

Takeoff responded with a video posted to social media on the status that nobody knows how he and Offset was rockin before his death. Offset reminded Prince that he's speaking on his real blood family. Offset continued with J. Prince has done about five interviews where he is talking about Takeoff. With no regard for Offset's mother or family.

Check out J. Prince interview with Million Dallaz Worth of Game and Offsets response below.


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Video:Millon Dallaz Worth of Game YouTube, Migos YouTube

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