Countersuit: Quality Control Claims Offset Owes Money

Offset's former label Quality Control claims he owes them money and is in breach of contract. The label is calling Offset out for his solo release while he was still under contract.

Kiari Cephus, known as "Offset" legal process in a lawsuit against ex-label QC begun last year in August. Offset claims that Quality Control tried to steal the rights to his solo music and had him blackballed after leaving the Migos. Offset grew to super-star rapper status alongside Takeoff and Quavo (RIP) as a member in the Migos.

The track "54321" allegedly promed the lawsuit. Offset claims that QC attempted to collect royalties that were not due to them for the song. Offset has explained that he signed the deal with QC as part of the group Migos. He's pointed out that he stayed with the label for over 10 years up until 2020.

Offset said he “paid handsomely” to reclaim the rights to his solo career. He said he negotiated a settlement with QC which allowed him to have ownership of his solo recordings as reported by

"Coach K", Kevin Lee and Pierre Thomas "P", have filed a countersuit against Offset. In the Countersuit Quality Control is pressing the issue they are still waiting to receive their payout from the song. QC claims that their deal is still intact. Supposedly Offset breached a confidentiality clause because he was speaking on the situation on social media.

Quality Control has also made it clear in documents that there are two deals in play. 1. a production deal and (2) the label deal. The production deal was modified not the label deal per QC. Offset is now using his solo recording services directly to Capitol pursuant to the terms of his Capitol Agreement, rather than QC.

“Pursuant to the Offset/Capitol Agreement, all rights in solo recordings made by Offset are granted to Capitol as works made for hire. Subsequently, under the terms of the Label Deal Agreement, Capitol continues to assign to Quality Control its one hundred percent copyright ownership in any new Offset solo recordings. Accordingly, while Capitol is the exclusive distributor of such recordings, Quality Control is the legal owner of all copyright rights in any new works by Offset so long as Offset is furnishing his solo recording services to Capitol under the Offset/Capitol Agreement,” the suit said.-

The beef between Quality Control and Offset is getting more heated with lawsuits slinging. Who do you think the judge is going to side with?

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