NBA Young Boy Speak On Growing Up In A Group Home

Baton Rouge rapper, NBA YoungBoy broke into the rap game at age 15. He is one of the most streamed artist and prolific rappers out. YoungBoy has been on Billboard Hot 100 with 96 entries and 26 projects on BillBoard 200. YB was the third most streamed artist in the United States.

With all of his rap success NBA Young Boy opened up about the trama having to live in a group home that he still carries with him today. Young Boy dealt with continuous pain, family situations, and violence. His father was sentenced to 55 years in prison. YB suffered from breaking his neck while wrestling and had to wear a head brace for his spine to heal. He has scars on his forehead from wearing the brace.

NBA Young Boy reflected on his harsh upbringing in a recent interview cover story for Billboard. Currently living in Utah in a gated community with mansions next to one another making the neighboring homes look like a mall. With his neighbors not knowing who the 23 year old living next to them, it was reported by Billboard a white female neighbor was "gawking" at the camera crew as they were preparing their equipment in the driveway. His life changed drastically after his grandmother passed away in 2010.

“I used to get beat up inside the group home for no reason,” he said while shaking. “The other boys would put their hands on me, and I would look up like, ‘Why are you hitting me, bro? What’d I do?’ It made me discover another side of me that I never glorified or liked. I found out how to be the person that you don’t want to do that with.” He added that he “never understood all the evilness or wrong” because his grandmother had shown him so much love.

NBA Young Boy is enjoying life in a much more peaceful approach as he raise his four small sons. Before the interview finished NBA Young Boy shared that he plans on getting a Mormon Baptism. YB opened up his house to a group of missionaries; which is how he learned about the religion.

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