NLE Choppa Leads Peaceful Protest In Honor of Tyre Nicholas

NLE Choppa stood with his hometown community in Memphis, TN. Following the recent death of Tyre Nichols, who lost his life due to police brutality NLE Choppa organized a peaceful protest.

The 29-year old male was beaten by five police officers during a routine traffic stop earlier this month. Memphis police department and the family of Tyre Nichols warned the public of the horrific footage that captured the tredey. Tyre leaves behind a young son, four years old. In his short lived life Tyre was passionate about skateboarding and photography. In the video released you can hear Tyre Nichols calling out for his mother, who's home was within miles.

NLE Choppa said his heart felt heavy when watching this story and felt the need to turn a negative into a positive. He called on the community in a post to meet him with their skateboards, skates, heelys for a peaceful skate through the city. In Choppa's first tweet he posted the address to join. NLE Choppa is seen on video leading the charge chanting, " no justice, no peace we gone skate for Tyre."

NLE Choppa's call to action was answered by many in the community banning together calling for change while honoring Tyre Nichols. Choppa took time to thank everyone that came out to support the movement.

"I Know it's hard for us to all come together and it's kinda sad it takes something tragic for us to do this, " speaking to the protesters. " But I'm grateful for it for everybody to be together, so I just want to thank y'all for being a part of this."

Choppa also expressed how disappointed he was that media outlets are allowed to show horrific moments of someone being murdered. He spoke on how disrespectful it is to the deceased, Tyre and his family.

Choppa went as deep to say, " showing footage of someone's death should be just as much as a crime." as he posted a picture of Tyre skateboarding.

Money Bagg Yo, GloRilla,and members of Three 6 Mafia are a few of the many Memphis rappers calling for action along with NLE Choppa.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: NBC News YouTube

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