Coach K "and Jeezy Squash Differences

On Friday, January 27th Jeezy performed in concert alongside the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. It was a formal black-tie event, where the Snowman and Coach K made amends. It's been a minute since Coach K, Jeezy's former manager and co-founder of Quality Control Music were i a positive space with each other.

Coach K took the opportunity to share with the audience how close he and Jeezy were in the past. He started his speech by saying, " Tonight , two black men settled their here I am on this stage tonight to give you the story about how we got here." Coach continued with how both the men came up with a joint plan to take over the music industry. Along with how they named each other what they go by in the game today.

The audience applauded and Coach K took the attendees on a journey down memory lane on the advice and passion between the two.

The beef was said to be over a lack of communication and trust. Jeezy visited Drink Champs last year and spoke on the topic with N.O.R.E. Jeezy stated he just didn't trust a lot of things. If you're not communicating with somebody and it's not how you want it it to go; I'm not rocking like that. Jeezy had explained he still had love for Coach K.

After Coach K moved forward from his relationship with Jeezy he found Quality Control Music Label with Co-Founder Pee.

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Video: Revolt YouTube and Genius YouTube

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