Does Australia Have Beef With Kanye West?

Kanye West Could be banned from entering Australia. In October West ranted anti-Semitic remarks he spoke across multiple major media platforms.

"Kanye West may not be suitable for and Australian Visa, because of his recent anti-Semitic remarks", said The Minister of Education Jason Clare. Minister Clare backed his remarks with prior stating individuals that made similar comments as West were denied.

Kanye was planning a trip to Australia to meet the family of his partner, Bianca Censori. She grew up in Melbourne.

Co-chief executive officer of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Peter Wertheim met officials yesterday (Tuesday Jan.25) to argue for an entry ban.

“We had a sympathetic hearing,” Wertheim said on CNN affiliate Sky News. “We’ve made the case that this particular individual does not meet the character test and that it would be in the national interest not to grant him a visa and we set out our reasons in some detail in that letter.” As reported by CNN.

It's no telling at this point if Kanye West will be welcomed with open arms.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: 9News Australia YouTube

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