Young Dolph Murder Suspect In Court

Justin Johnson, also known as Straight Drop appeared in court . His lawyer has requested that the judge be removed off of the case. Johnson has no phone or writing privileges. He can his only allowed to communicate with his lawyer. Justin Johnson and Cornelius Smith are the two main suspects in the murder of Young Dolph, Memphis rapper. Both men on Friday (Jan. 20) caught new charges of conspiracy in the murder of Young Dolph.

Back in the summer of 2021 the plan to murder Young Dolph was conspired by a gentleman by the name of Hernandez Govan. Govan solicited the murder leading to Justin and Cornelius killing the young rapper. Dolph was shot and killed outside of a well known cookie shop in Memphis, TN called Makeda's Homemade Butter Cookies.

Johnson's lawyer is saying the order is showing impartiality towards his client. Attorney Luke Evens, told Channel 3 that he nor his client was aware of the order. He also stated that neither one of them was present in court when the Judge Lee Coffee made the order on Nov. 22. Johns has also asked to be moved from 201 pop. to another unit because of safety concerns.

Straight Drop released, No Statement on YouTube. The new track sounded like a recording from a jail phone; which is why Judge Coffee ordered his phone privileges be revoked.

"You recorded a record from jail. Don't know the contents of it. I have not listened to it. I will not listen to it," Said Judge Coffee in regards to the song Johnson released to the public. Judge Coffee continued with the release of the track raises concerns about jail safety.

Johnson and Smith face several charges, there are over 200,000 pages in discovery. Both are due back in court Feb. 2. 2022.

Below the breaking news report of Young Dolph's death that hit the Hip-Hop community by surprise.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: WREG New Channel 3 YouTube

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