Is Gucci Mane A Liar?

Gucci Mane's ex-manager, Debrah Antney recently accused Gucci of lying about the death of Pookie Loc. Debrah recently visited the Ugly Monkey Podcast where she opened up about the death of Pookie Loc. Rapper Pookie Loc was a friend close to Jeezy.

Back in early 200's Debrah managed talents like Gucci, Nicki Minaj, and French Montana. When the Ugly Monkey Podcast host asked Debrah about Gucci's claim to have killed Pookie she said, " No". The topic was explored once Debrah was asked about the Verzuz between Gucci Mane and Jeezy. Debrah was not impressed with Gucci's lyrics during the performance and thought is was done in bad taste pretty much.

Debrah didn't hold back with her comments, "Technically, you really didn't kill anybody," she said. " All these kids think that you"re the number one killer so let's stop talking about it because now you're a dad. You got two sons. Think anout your kids looking at you a certain kind of something that's fictitious. It was done for rap."

Check out Debrah's shocking news on the Ugly Monkey Podcast below .

With Debrah dropping information on the Pookie Loc killing Gucci name is staying in the mix. Joe Budden mentioned the Guwap rapper on his podcast this week as well. Joe pointed out the string of bad luck Gucci Mane and the artist on his label, 1017.

Joe explained his reason for questioning Gucci and his artist. Joe said, " Who people are signing, how people are signing them, and why people are signing them needs to be under examination from all parties involved in the music business."

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Video: JoeBudden TV YouTube/ Ugly Monkey Podcast YouTube.

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