Hustle-Rapper Made $500K Rhyming On Fiver

You probably want believe rapper Mike Bruton made $500K on Fiverr all by himself. Most of your favorite rappers aren't making making waves as big as Bruton.

Mike started in 2016 selling his writing skills in 2016 after losing his job. Per month he brings home anywhere between $7,000- 10,00 a month writing raps for companies and individuals in need of his services. Over a span of six years he has made over $500,00. Not bad for working 40 hours a week doing what you love as a entrepreneur.

Rappers like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Baby, and JAY-Z make about $77,000 per song. Most of todays top artist make $22,000 per song and if they've got their fingers crossed $10,00k.

The easiest way to explain a rap deal, is the artist may get and " advance" of money which is usually less than $1 million. The funds provided to the artist will then be recouped by the label before the artist can take home $1.

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