Tory Lanez Prison Sentencing Delayed

Tory Lanez sentencing delayed following conviction in Megan Thee Stallion shooting trial. Tory has hired a new legal team with David Kenner leading the charge.

Kenner is familiar with handling high-profile cases like Suge Knight, Snoop Dog and Tupac previously. Kenner has expressed he is petitioning for a new trial. Kenner also plans to get the protective order prohibiting Tory from mentioning Megan Thee Stallion or discussing the details of the situation between the two artist.

Kenner presented his argument to the judge stating, “Your honor, most respectfully, there have been a number of other people connected with the case posting on social media and putting out statements. I would suggest to the court that the way the (protective order) was written, it’s a prior restraint on free speech,” He continued with, “I think it’s inappropriate for Mr. Peterson to be put in a position where he’s stopped from using his voice.” Kenner’s request was denied, but he could make his argument again at Lanez’s next hearing.

While Tory new legal team is preparing for a new trial his sentencing hearing has been pushed back until late January potentially February.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: NBC News YouTube

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