Gucci's Mane's Artist Mac Critter Charged With Murder

Memphis rapper Mac Critter has been charged with 1st degree murder alongside two other men. In December of 2022 in North Memphis Markeith Taylor was found dead on arrival of law enforcement. Markeith was shot several times by unknown shooters at the time.

A witness stepped up and told the police he witnessed the entire encounter. The witness told investigators he watched a SUV pull up in a vacant parking lot with four men inside of the vehicle. The SUV pulled off and then came back to the parking lot. A man called out to Markeith from the SUV to come over to the truck. The suspect was later identified as Daniel Bates; known in the Hip-Hop world as Mac Critter.

The witness told the police once Markeith Taylor walked over to the SUV the four men approached him and one start shooting at Markeith several times. The shooter, Gary Taylor continued to shoot Markeith after he had fallen to the ground the eye witness told police.

Both men Bates and Taylor have also been identified as known gang members. Taylor was arrested for the shooting then released on his on recognizant. On Tuesday (January 3.) at Taylor's court appearance his bond was revoked and he was detained immediately.

The Shelby County District Attorney's Office apologized for Taylor being released at his arraignment in December. The D.A. office made it clear that they had nothing to do with the release of Mr. Taylor. An official statement was released'

We’ve received several inquiries regarding the case of Gary Taylor, who was charged with First Degree Murder and due to a process error recently released on his own recognizance pending trial. The DA’s Office played no role in the decision to release him.

It is important to note that Taylor’s release was a mistake and not typical. The error had nothing to do with bail reform generally or the new bail procedure set to start in February. Someone charged with First Degree Murder would not ordinarily be released on his own recognizance. 

As more details develop as the trial begins in February; updates will be provided here.

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