Gangsta Boo's Cause of Death Reveled

At age 43 the female gangsta rap pioneer, Gangsta Boo passed away at her home on Sunday afternoon (Jan.1). As her death was shocking news to family, friends and fans the police stated that there were no signs of foul play.

Gagsta boo is known for being the first female to make waves in gangsta rap music. Formerly a member of Three6Mafia, Gansta Boo won fans over with her clever lyrics.

Investigators revealed today (Tuesday Jan. 3) the cause of death was an overdose.

Gansta Boo recently recorded music with Glorilla, Lotto, and La Chat. She was also working on her new album scheduled to release this year called The BooPrint.

RIP Lola Chantrelle Mitchell (August 7,1979 - January 1,2023). Prayers and love out to the family and Three6Mafia team.

Photo:Getty Images

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