Tory Lanez Trial: Day 8 Closing Arguments

Today (December 21) is day 8 of the Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion alleged shooting. Tory Lanez was asked is he would be taking the stand to testify. His response, "I will not testify." T.L's driver also appeared in court today but did not take the stand.

Both prosecution and defense teams following Tory's response rested their cases. Judge Harriford order closing remarks to begin after lunch.

Deputy DA Bott's closing remarks included a power point presentation of Megan's statements the week before along with pictures of injuries cause to Megan from the shooting. Bott argued that Megan has been tortured the last two years since the shooting happening in July 2020.

He argued that this case is simply about a guy who shot a girl and then apologizes for it. As reported by ETnews.

Tory Lanez, lawyers argued the fight started in the car between the two ladies. Kelsey Harris and Megan because of an intimate relationship that was kept a secret. Tory apologized for having a sexual relationship with the two bestfriends. George Mgdesyn, suggested there is a lack of evidence to prove the case against Tory. Along with Tory's DNA was not found on the gun.

Verdict of the trial will be provided here.

Photo: Getty Images

video: Nevergaveup YouTube

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