Tory Lanez New Witness: Drops Who Shot First

Today (December 20) in the Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion on going trial a new witness took the stand. Mr. Sean Kelly attempted to recap the night of the altercation from 2 years ago.

Kelly was called to describe what he saw as he was waken up out of his sleep. Mr. Kelly recalled hearing nose from an argument. He then explained he saw a gunfire flash by a female first. He then saw a short male standing and gunfire shooting in the air 3-5 times by the male.

Kelly continued his testimony with everyone in the truck was fighting. They went over and beat up the lady on the ground and threw her in the back of the truck.

Sean LKelly described the the altercation as " quite violent." He said, " even the driver" was fighting.

What does this new evidence mean for the case? Sean Kelly's testimony contradicts a few things that was already presented to the court, as to whom shot first.

In Mr. Kelly's memory a female went back into the truck and came back to where the people were fighting and flash. Does this mean Tory may have been trying to break up an altercation by shooting randomly in the air being his profile was described by Sean Kelly.

Drop your comments below.

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