Meek Mill Quits Social Media

Meek Mill does not have time for Twitter games any longer. His dramatic exit from the social media giant came with an explanation to why he is calling "quits for forever".

Meek share that he is looking for a platform with better vibes. Meek announced that Twitter has too many weird people and bots.

As of Sunday (December 18) Meek Mill deactivated his Twitter account. He has also voiced his opinions about Instagram in the past.

Meek accused Instagram and Twitter of controlling how much exposure his post get. "I could post 10 phones with a different account and want see my post until the next day, what is that?

Meek is still showing as active on Instagram. With over 23 thousand followers. Though Meek has made his grievances with both social media platforms public, he also reached out to Elon Musk to invest in Twitter.

In May it was announced that Elon Musk was planning a multi-billion dollar take over of Twitter. Since then many Twitter users, and employees are seeking for Musk to step down.

Photo: Getty Images

Video: CBS YouTube

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