Lil Wayne Is Being Sued Again

Lil Wayne is not new to being sued. "Weezy" terminated his personal chef without notice. While in Vegas Wayne's personal chef Morghan Medlock had a family emergency concerning her 10 year old son.

Morghan Medlock had been working for Lil Wayne a little over 2 years. She assumed she understood the lay of the land. Morgan received a call that her son had a head injury causing him to be hospitalized. Naturally the mother was ready to get to her son as quick as possible.

Morghan claims that she was wrongfully terminated and discriminated against. She had to get back to L.A. asap and Lil Wayne was holding up the flight. Morgan decided to leave the group where they stood because of her family emergency and took a separate flight.

She soon received a text message from a member in the group that was traveling with them stating; " Tell chef this is not going to work." Morgan later received a phone call from an assistant letting her know verbally she had been fired.

Morgan is seeking $500,000 in damages.

What are your thoughts on the Louisiana rapper's latest legal endeavors?

Photo: Getty Images

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