Tory Lanez Reaches Settlement Over Alleged Nightclub Assault

Tory Lanez is handling business in the court room these days instead of on the stage. As his trial involving Megan Thee Stallion begins in his other alleged incidents Tory was able to clear up.

In alleged assault against Prince from Love & Hip Hop Tory reached a settlement. He has agreed to pay Prince over the alleged assault.

Tory's lawyer said, "The information to believe that a settlement has already been reached between the parties and Lanez has tendered funds to Prince in the consummation of their agreement.

Prince accused Tory of assaulting him twice. The first allegedly taking place in Nov. at Miami nightclub LIV in 2019. Prince reported that Tory's security was attacked him as well.

The second alleged assault happened when the two men ran into each other Miami's Vendome nightclub. Prince claims Tory just punched him in the face when they passed one another.

Tory argued his actions were in self-defense. A settlement has been reached. The amount of the settlement has not been made public at this time.

Photo: Getty Images

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