Lil Wayne Is Claiming Self-Defense

Lil Wayne claims self-defense in assault lawsuit case involving his ex-assistant. Andrew Williams is the ex-assistant that is entered an assault and battery lawsuit against the famous Louisiana rapper.

An incident allegedly occurred between the two men on a private airplane Williams booked for Lil Wayne. Wayne and the pilot somehow were in a heated argument. Williams claims he stepped in to defuse the situation. Instead Wayne punched him in the jaw.

Williams claims the punch caused damage being the super star rapper is iced with big rings on both hands.

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Lil Wayne asked a judge to throw out the lawsuit. Wayne argued that it was self-defense and he did not cause any serious harm to the plaintiff.

Lil Wayne said his former assistant wasn’t wrongfully terminated. The New Orleans native wanted the lawsuit to be dismissed, claiming Williams didn’t “exercise reasonable care and diligence.” As reported by All HipHop.

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