Boosie Badazz Claps Back At Gabrielle Union's Questions

It is well known that Boosie Badazz does not hold his tongue. Once again Boosie did not waste any time to respond to Gabrielle Union's recent comments about him.

The snippy word play between Boosie and the Wade's stems from Boosie Badazz making comments in the past about Dwayne Wade's child Zaya, born male but is seeking a sex change as a female. Zaya has been under the microscope since the family opened up to the public about Zaya's journey.

In a recent interview with Jemele Hill on Live Talks Los Angeles; Gabrielle mentions that all is well with Zaya; " so far so good, sorry Boosie, Gabrielle pointed out. Gabrielle did not stop there stirring up the hornet's nest. She continued by saying,

“You’ve got a lot of dick on your mind. Throwing that out there. It’s like Zaya and Little Nas live in his head rent-free. it’s like sir, It’s something you want to go ahead and tell us? We can be your sanctuary,”

While host, Jemele Hill offers that there is a safe space for him to come out as gay.

With no chase Boosie Badazz tweeted;

“Lol the whole world know I love women n the world know your husband love dick. I hope u don’t think blacks look at yall like a power couple. They dont. I had refused to talk about yall in interviews n hear you gogo bang him with that dildo n wait on a script u lil white girl."

Let's keep in mind unity and love for the greater good of humanity.

Check out the full interview with Gabrielle Union with Jemele Hill on Live Talk's Los Angeles below.

Photo: Getty Images

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