Kanye West From Twitter After Posting Swastica

Elon Musk said, the post violated a rule against inciting violence. Kanye West post the star of David with a swastika inside.

The tweet was deleted before Kanye's account was suspended. The suspension follows Ye's interview with Alex Jones. Ye told Alex, he liked Hitler and that he loves everybody. Below you can listen to Kanye West go on a rant about good things concerning Hitler.

Some of the statements Kanye mentioned are a little off. It is always encouraged for an individual to read and fact find for oneself.

CNN previously reported on Kanye's curiosity with Hitler as people close to them reported. Kanye is heard saying that he is not antisemitic. He also denounced hate groups.

"I have no association to any hate group, " West said as he closed his remarks in prayer. " If any hate happens upon any Jewish person, it is not associated because I am demanding that everyone walk in love."

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