Minister Louis Farrakhan Is Defending Kanye West

Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks up for Kanye West and Kyrie Irving. Louis Farrkhan starts his speech with positive energy saying, Kanye West is more than a rapper.

Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke from his heart on the situation with Kanye West and what some has deemed as " Anti-Sematic" comments. As we do not support hurt, pain or any type of injustice promoted to cause harm against any nationality.

“Unfortunately parts of ignorance that we don’t see the enemy who is working 100 percent to bring bloodshed about among us because of the serious nature of what is happening.”

Minister Louis Farrakhan continued: “Some of you that are persecuting him are the very ones that took away from him and from us, the knowledge of self. You took our language, you took our culture, you took our history, you took our minds and inserted your mind into our minds through your systems.

“I will stand on the truth that I was taught and stand with God… As long as I stand with God, I will be the winner and so will Ye and so will Kyrie and so will any of us who want truth in our lives.”

Minister Louis Farrakhan has stated that Kanye West has done nothing wrong.

Kanye West has been losing business deal after business deal with companies dropping their business relationship with Ye. Following a few months of ranting and some comments being Anti-Sematic.

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