Kodak Black Calls Out 21 Savage Over Verzuz "Smoke Taunt"

21 Savage has doubled down on his recent claim that he’d beat anyone in the XXL 2016 Freshman class. On a recent live interview with Kai Cenat 21 Savage spoke confidently on on his rap skills. He reminded fans that he is aware that Kodak is a talented rapper, but he has talent as well.

21 Savage spoke on the music he has released before his latest project with Drake on Her Loss.

“Before all this Drake shit, I’ve been having hits, been having diamond songs,” he added. “I’m probably the only n-gga of this generation to go platinum with no features. They always talking about, ‘Oh, Savage a feature artist.’ No, Savage went platinum with no features. My first album, Issa Album went platinum with no features.”

21 Savage has had career success with working with artist such as J. Cole. Making hits is not a problem for 21 Savage.

It didn't take long for South Florida rapper Kodak Black to catch wind of all the smoke 21 Savage was pushing his way. In true Kodak fashion; of course Kodak wants all the smoke.

Kodak took to instagram live to respond to 21 Savage. Kodak Black also reminded fans that he has created songs with Drake too. It's unclear when they will be released. Kodak also claims that he has reached out to 21 Sacage and Verzuz ; no response.

“21 don’t want the smokes, man,” he said. “That n-gga ain’t say nothing yet. I done DM’d that n-gga. Man, wassup? Run it. I done hit Verzuz. Don’t be capping on this internet, homie. You ain’t ready to stand up in that fire, boy.”

Kodak mentions he listened to Her Loss and thinks the album is dope. He also stated that its 21's best work. Kodak said, That's how 21 Savage should feel. Pick yourself over any other.

As the two super-star rapper battle it out online or verzuz updates will be provided here.

Photo: Getty Images

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