Megan Thee Stallion's Responds To Drake's Mentions

New music is out! Drake and 21 Savage dropped a well anticipated collaboration album, "Her Loss". The streets are already talking about the diss in lyrics.

Drake is raising eyebrows when he referenced Megan Thee Stallion and her alleged assault by Tory Lanez. Tory allegedly shot Megan in the feet in 2020. The two were in a heated argument and Megan attempted to walk away from the car when she was shot.

She recounted the details of the incident in an April 2022 interview with Gayle King on “CBS Mornings,” which produced medical photos of Megan’s injuries, along with a report that references “gunshot wounds” and bullet fragments in her feet.

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In April 2022 Megan Thee Stallion interviewed with Gayle King of CBS and discussed the altercation. With Gayle Megan got the opportunity to open up to her fans. She reviewed the details of events that took place in the car. Also stemming from her interview, pictures and reports from first responders were provided.

Drake raps in "Circo Loco" about Megan's recollection of events. Supper star rapper raps: “This b^*ch lie ’bout getting shots but she still a stallion,” seemingly a double entendre that references cosmetic injections and Megan’s alleged assault.

The Houston rapper didn't waste anytime to provide clarity via twitter writing, “Stop using my shooting for clout b*^ch a$$ n—–! Since when [the f*ck] is it cool to joke about abt women getting shot ! You n—– especially RAP N—– ARE LAME! Ready to boycott bout shoes and clothes but dog pile on a Black woman when she say one of y’all homeboys abused her.”

The Houston rapper continued, “And when the motherf#^king facts come out remember all y’all hoe a$$ favorite rappers that stood behind a n—- that SHOT A FEMALE.”

Megan went on to say that “people attack me” for speaking out about her alleged assault, and when she defends herself people say she is “doing too much.” “Every time it never ends and this did NOT happen until I came out and said I got shot… y’all don’t f@#k with me okay cool f$#k it bye.”

Photo: Getty Images

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