Kayne West Fans Set Up Gofundme On His Behalf

Kanye West fans are standing united. Yeezy let it be known he lost $2 billion dollars after recent anti-sematic rants. His fans in an attempt to help Kanye regain billionaire status has set up GoFundMe accounts.

Supporters launched several pages. The goal is to collect $1 billion. Ye's networth took a hudge downward spiral after the partnership with Adidas was terminated. The fundraiser site has taken it down after $5 was contributed. A few other GoFundMe accounts have surfaced.

On the flip side some have decided to copy the idea. It has been noticed a couple of people have launched their own GoFundMe fundraisers to help make themselves billionaires.

As we have reported on the latest rants from Kanye West, he did offer a kinda sorta apology for his comments.

Mental health is serious. Anyone in need of support reach out to phone number 988. It's free, confidential, 24/7 and open 365 days of the year.

Anti-Sematic comments are not cool. Embrace one anther and figure out a way to live in harmony. Education is key towards growth and history is exactly what it is HISTORY.

Photo: Getty Images

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